【Bundle of 2】Hock Wong Premium Musang King 4pcs Snowskin Mooncake

Premium Musang King Maoshan Durian and XO Snow skin Durian Mooncake


Indulge yourself with Hock Wong Pure Mao Shan Mooncake! We use 100% authentic Musang King and XO Durian to ensure retaining the unique sweetness and freshness of the King of Fruit.


Essence of Hock Wong Musang King Durian Mooncake:
– Snow Skin Mooncake filled with 100% Pure Musang King Durian Paste
– Full of Durian Aroma
– 100% Made from REAL Fruits


Assorted Flavor:

– 2pcs Musang King Durian Mooncake

-2pcs XO Durian Mooncake
– 160g/ pcs of mooncake


Product Highlights:
– No added preservatives and artificial colors.


Best to consume: Shown as Packaging
Storage Instructions:
– Please keep in Frozen -18c
– Please always keep item inside the freezer once received.
– Thaw it for 10 mins before cake-slicing. Product should not be thawed for too long.
– Any leftover must be kept into Freezer to maintain freshness.
– Consumed up to 2 months maximum for better taste.


Packaging Size: