7th Month Limited Edition Bakkwa Set Ghost Month Pray

Classic Minced Pork Bakkwa

We are launching 7th Month Limited Edition Bakkwa in Hei Bai Wu Chang (黑白无常)packaging! A new essential for Hungry Ghost Festival Pray. Sets come with 1 unit of Black Wu Chang and 1 unit of White Wu Chang.

– We use fresh pork meat which is evenly minced and mixed with our secret seasoning recipe.

– We char-grilled it for a subtle flavour to gives a more complex fragrance and taste in consequence.

– Treat your taste buds with the most traditional flavour! Available in an individual vacuum pack.


Product Highlights
– No preservatives, meat tenderizer and artificial colouring added
– Vacuum sealed for maximum freshness and convenience


Cooking and Preparation
– It is ready-to-eat

– Best consumed within 3 months (Individually vacuum sealed)


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