Hock Wong Premium Rice Dumpling (Combo Set)

1. Dragon Boat Signature Bak Chang
Flavours:Hokkien Bak Chang x3,Salted Egg Hokkien Bak Chang x2

2. Dragon Boat Classic Bak Chang (Salted Egg)
Flavour:Salted Egg Hokkien Bak Chang x5

3. Dragon Boat Classic Bak Chang
Flavour:Hokkien Bak Chang x5

4. Traditional Kee Chang (Free 1 can Gula Melaka Syrup)
Flavours: Kee Chang x5, Red Bean Kee Chang x5 (5pcs in a vacuum pack)

5. Red Bean Kee Chang (Free 1 can Gula Melaka Syrup)
Flavours: Red Bean Kee Chang x10(5pcs in a vacuum pack)

Made from 100% fresh ingredients, does not contain MSG, preservatives, artificial colors.
Vacuum pack to maximize freshness.
**Ensure it is consumed immediately after reheating for a better taste.

Store in cool and dry place, avoid direct sunlight。
No preservatives. Best if consumed within 2~3 days from received.
Otherwise, please store in Fridge/Freeze to maintain freshness up to 2 months.
* Pls consume within the same day if the vacuum bag is opened.

– Open the vacuum bag, put into microwave for 5-8 minutes to reheat. Alternatively, put into microwave for 10-15 minutes to reheat.



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