HW Bak kwa snack Bundle Pack/ Gift Set

————————————Bundle A———————————————
Package: HW Caishen Non Woven Bag

Bundle A consist of:

1.Classic Minced pork bakkwa 300g
— Made of fresh pork meat which is evenly minced and mixed with our secret seasoning recipe. We char-grilled it for a subtle flavour to gives a more complex fragrance and taste in consequence. Treat your taste buds with the most traditional flavour!
—Available in an individual vacuum pack. Keep the freshness and juicy.

2.HW caramel popcorn 170g
— Caramel coated brings you the sweet and savoury taste!
— The size of each popcorn is just right, making every bite full with rich caramel and crisp!
— Perfect option for gifting, desserts to share in gatherings.

3.Coconut heong peah (Matisu) 240g
— Traditional Chinese pastry.
— Layers of flaky skin and coconut fragrance.
— Perfect teatime snacks.
— 6 individual pack

4.Seaweed Thin Chicken Biscuit (Ji Zai Bing) 70g
— Traditional Childhood Recipe
— Crunchy chicken biscuit with seaweed and salty fragrant.

5.Honey roasted cuttlefish 80g
— Pangkor famous
— Ready to eat
— Great snacks for drink party or TV time !

6.Original codfish cracker 40g
— Crispy and get the real seafood taste
— Sure wanting for more!

————————————Bundle B———————————————
Package: HW Paper Bag

Bundle B consist of:

1.Minced pork bakkwa 300g
2.Coconut heong peah 240g
3.Honey roasted cuttlefish 80g


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