HW Premium Musang King & XO Durian Snowskin Mooncake

 Premium Musang King Maoshan Durian and XO Snow skin Durian Mooncake


Indulge yourself with Hock Wong Pure Mao Shan Mooncake! We use 100% authentic Musang King and XO Durian to ensure retaining the unique sweetness and freshness of the King of Fruit.


Essence of Hock Wong Musang King Durian Mooncake:
– Snow Skin Mooncake filled with 100% Pure Musang King Durian Paste
– Full of Durian Aroma
– 100% Made from REAL Fruits


Assorted Flavor:

– 2pcs Musang King Maoshan Durian Mooncake
– 2pcs XO Durian Mooncake”
– 160g/ pcs of mooncake


Product Highlights:
– No added preservatives and artificial colors.


Best to consume: Shown as Packaging
Storage Instructions:
– Please keep in Frozen -18c
– Please always keep item inside the freezer once received.
– Thaw it for 10 mins before cake-slicing. Product should not be thawed for too long.
– Any leftover must be kept into Freezer to maintain freshness.
– Consumed up to 2 months maximum for better taste.


Packaging Size:
43cm×19cm×5cm (EG)

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4 reviews for HW Premium Musang King & XO Durian Snowskin Mooncake

  1. Corinna

    This is super nice! All of my friends love it so much 😍and super friendly seller as well!

  2. ZTia

    Simply fresh and delicious!

  3. ZTia

    1 box of this durian mooncake is not enough, you will want more. Simply delicious!

  4. Zareen Tia (verified owner)

    It is genuinely tasty and have placed another order.

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