Lemon Orange Fruit Skin Mooncake

Real Fruit Skin Mooncake

HW new innovative Mooncake will surely bringing u a surprise, we bring new element to the traditional mooncake, which is Real Lemon and Orange skin with low sugar recipe. It’s truly made from real fruit skin, no mooncake pastry at all! *Limited Edition, while stock last!


Product Description :
Each Box come with Assorted Flavors:
2 pcs Lemon Peel Mooncake ( with Honey White Bean Paste and Japanese Sweet Potato Filling )
2 pcs Orange Peel Mooncake ( with Pure Lotus Paste and Dark Chocolate Filling)


Product Highlights:
– No added preservatives and artificial colors.
– Exquisite independent packaging
– Individually packed to retain its flavor and freshness
*Set doesn’t come with Disposable plastic knife as this product must be cut with a knife to maintain its shape.


Best to consume: Shown as Packaging
Storage Instructions:
– Please keep in Frozen -18c
– Please always keep item inside the freezer once received.
– Thaw it for 10 mins before cake-slicing. Product should not be thawed for too long.
– Any leftover must be kept into Freezer to maintain freshness.
– Consumed up to 2 months maximum for better taste.


-Packaging Size: 25cm×25cm×8cm

-Weight : 170+-/ pcs


-FREE Cooler bag x1 *While Stock Last


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