Lessie Traditional Baked Mooncake 2 Pcs Set (Premium Ingredients)


What makes mooncake tastes good,

it is the filling.

Each piece of Lessie’s mooncake were 185 grams

  • It is handmade
  • Premium authentic filling
  • Low sugar and healthy
  • No food additives added

In recent years, there are two common types of “lotus seed paste” available on the market, which is called “bean paste” and “lotus paste”. The authentic lotus paste is the one that is soft and dense on the touch, smooth as silk and has a fragrant smell. On the other hand, the taste of the bean paste is slightly rough and hard. Due to the expensive price of lotus seed paste in the market, many people started to use “bean paste” to make mooncakes for businesses.

This year, both companies called “Hock Wong” and “Lessie” are working together as brand alliance in order to launch a 100% authentic Hunan’s lotus seed baked mooncake with lotus seed paste, without any additional food additives. This mooncake was traditional, pure, smooth and also nonstick to teeth.

Place of Origin: Malaysia | Food Safety Certification: GMP, ISO 22000, HACCP

Note: Store at room temperature and avoid direct exposure to the sun.

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