【Pre-order】Disney Love Desitiny 2 pcs Mooncake Box 米奇相遇月饼2粒装礼盒

Hock Wong is teaming up with Disney to launch Mickey and Friends Mooncake series! A MUST HAVE 2022 collection for Disney Fans!

Extra surprise!!  This Disney Love Destiny Mooncake set contains playful promotional materials that designed in such a way that Mickey and Minnie will ‘meet each other’ when you open the gift box.


Each set comes with a detachable die-cut card that features Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse or Donald Duck and Daisy Duck.


Once opened, each limited edition package consists of baked skin mooncake featuring graphics of all-time favourite characters; Mickey Mousse and Minnie Mouse as well as Donald Duck and Daisy Duck ! (HALAL Certified)


Each box consists of two pieces of baked skin mooncakes in the flavours White Lotus and Pandan Single Yolk. Also come with a Mickey Minnie paper bag!


Additionally, you will stand a chance to win a trip to Bali (Indonesia) for two with any purchase of the Disney Mooncake sets. Buy now, before they sold out!


Information about mooncake:
– HALAL certified
– Three months shelf life (may refer to the expiry date on the inner bag)
– No preservatives are added
– Store at room temperature, do not expose to the sun
– Allergen information: Product may contain wheat, peanut,milk, egg yolks and milk powder. Vegetarians kindly consume based on their diet.

Stock availability : 15/08/2022 onwards

💥Limited Edition💥”