Mizicor Snow Skin Mooncake 铭菓冰皮月饼

Treat yourself to the tropical taste and fruity flavor mooncake this year! Mizicor is delivering creative mooncake flavor with a modern twist!


What is inside ? 【Flavor, 90gm±/pcs】
-Combo- 3 Flavor/6pcs
Blackthorn Musang x 2pcs
Avocado Coconut* x 2pcs
Passion Fruit Mango x 2pcs


-Combo- 6 Flavor/6pcs
Blackthorn Musang x 1pcs
Avocado Coconut* x 1pcs
Passion Fruit Mango x 1pcs
Cempedak x 1pcs
Belgian Chocolate x 1pcs
Matcha x 1pcs


-One Exclusive MIZICOR moon cake gift box
-One exquisite insulation bag (vacuum titanium-plated stainless steel)
-One pair of steel knives and forks


Best to consume: Shown as Packaging
Storage Instructions:
– Please keep in Frozen -18c
– Please always keep item inside the freezer once received.
– Thaw it for 10 mins before cake-slicing. Product should not be thawed for too long.
– Any leftover must be kept into Freezer to maintain freshness.
– Consumed up to 2 months maximum for better taste.


Weight: 540g/Box

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1 review for Mizicor Snow Skin Mooncake 铭菓冰皮月饼

  1. Kim

    Very fresh and smooth skin. My kids all love it especially the Blackthorn Musang fav, it was gone immediately from fridge.

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