About Us

Hock Wong is famous for its iconic Caishen ‘God of Wealth’ packaging, which represent symbolism of good luck and fortune and it has become an ideal Chinese New Year gift.

At Hock Wong, a rigorous process is followed from the selection of raw ingredients to the preparation and packaging of bak kwa.

Our bakkwa are made from the finest pork, marinated with our traditional secret recipe. We grilled it for a subtle flavour to gives a more complex fragrance and taste in consequence. No preservatives, meat tenderizer and artificial colouring added.

Each piece of bak kwa is also vacuum packed individually so as to maintain freshness and taste. Over the past few years, Hock Wong has seen a steady increase in sales due to rising popularity.

Even using modern innovation and technology in our production, we will continue to persist to retain our traditional flavor of roasted bakkwa  to satisfy our customers from all over the world.