About Us

Using modern innovation and technology, we roast bak kwa (肉干) that retain the traditional, savoury honeysuckle flavour.

Our History

The history of Hock Wong Foodstuff Pte Ltd began more than ten years ago in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Using modern innovation and technology while retaining the original honeysuckle roasted traditional flavour, its bak kwa business grew rapidly. Hock Wong is now one of the leading brands in Malaysia.

In 2015, the business expanded to Johor Bahru, Malaysia under a new brand, “Hock Wong”. A factory in Singapore was set up in 2018 in order to satisfy its growing customer base. Hock Wong will continue its persistence in retaining its original recipe, making bak kwa the traditional way to satisfy its customers from all over the world.

Hock Wong's Packaging
Chinese New Year product packaging
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Different varieties of our product


At Hock Wong, a rigorous process is followed from the selection of raw ingredients to the preparation and packaging of bak kwa. Each piece of bak kwa is also vacuum packed individually so as to maintain freshness and taste. Over the past three years, Hock Wong Foodstuff Sdn Bhd has seen a steady increase in sales due to rising popularity.

We will continue to persist to retain our recipe and make bak kwa in the traditional way to satisfy our customers from all over the world.