Question Does Hock Wong make their own bakkwa?
AnswerYes! Our bakkwa is purely handmade at our central kitchen that is located in Singapore. We use finest pork meat which is evenly minced and mixed with our secret seasoning recipe. We grilled it for a subtle flavor to gives a more complex fragrance and taste in consequence.
Question What is the shelf life of bakkwa?
AnswerAs our bakkwa is with no preservatives, it is best to consume the fresh bakkwa within 5 days of purchase, that is when the bakkwa is the freshest. Store in cool and dry place (room temperature) in an air-tight container, avoid sunlight, to prevent condensation and mould.

The remaining bakkwa can be kept in the fridge to extend its shelf life to 1 month. When serving again, heat the bakkwa in an oven or microwave. Please understand that Bakkwa would lose its juices after being chilled , we still advise you to consume the fresh bakkwa within 5 days of purchase 🙂

The vacuum packed bakkwa are individually vacuum sealed for a longer shelf life. The remaining bakkwa can be kept in room temperature for 1 month or kept it in the fridge to extend its shelf life to 3 months. When serving again, heat the bak kwa in an oven or microwave for better taste.

Kindly note that vacuum packed bakkwa may look moist as vacuum packaging is to keeps the bakkwa from drying out, to remain soft and tender.

Question May I place order through phone or email?
AnswerWe only accept online orders at the moment.
Question How do I place a bulk order?
AnswerPlease send your bulk order request to [email protected] and our friendly sales team will respond to your enquiry withing 1 -2 working days.
Question What should I do if I face issues when placing order?
AnswerYou may reach us at [email protected]

Operating hour: Monday to Friday (10am – 6pm)

Question I have received an incorrect item. What can be done?
AnswerPlease inform our staff immediately if and we will make the necessary changes for your order. Otherwise, please drop us an email at [email protected], or WhatsApp 91469879.