[Pre-Order] Four Bliss Mooncake Gift Set 四喜月圆月饼礼盒

Four Bliss Mooncake Gift Set

The highlights of Four Bliss Mooncake Gift Set
• Modern design classic gift box, simple and elegant packaging
• Traditional baked skin mooncakes, made from 100% authentic Hunan lotus seeds, have a good taste and are non-sticky to the teeth.
• 4pcs Mooncake Included: Select 2 classic mooncake and 2 premium mooncakes.

Classic Series:
• Less Sugar White Lotus Mooncakes 低糖白莲蓉月饼
• Pandan Lotus Mooncakes 翡翠莲蓉月饼
• Red Bean Mooncakes 红豆月饼

Premium Series:
• White Lotus 1 Yolk Mooncakes 白莲蓉单黄月饼
• White Lotus 2 Yolk Mooncakes 白莲蓉双黄月饼
• Pandan Lotus 1 Yolk Mooncakes 翡翠单黄月饼
• Pandan Lotus 2 Yolk Mooncakes 翡翠双黄月饼
• Custard Pandan Mooncakes 翡翠奶黄月饼
• Chocolate Mooncakes 巧克力月饼
• Mixed Nut Mooncakes 伍仁月饼

Product information:
• Size: 36.5*15.5*26(cm)
• Weight: 2.9kg

Information about mooncake:
• Less sweet and non-sticky to the teeth
• HALAL certified
• No preservatives are added
• Store at room temperature, do not expose to the sun
• Allergen information: Product may contain wheat, peanut, milk, egg yolks and milk powder. Vegetarians or people with food allergies please be alert before consume.

Best to consume within 3 months of purchase
LIMITED EDITION. While stocks last!

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