Koi & Dragon Bakkwa Gift Set

– Individual vacuum pack small slices Minced Pork Bakkwa are packed into every mini Caishenye box.
– Each 3D Cai Shen box contains 6 to 8 slices Bakkwa.
– It’s definitely a great snack to satisfy your cravings and ideal gift for your friends and family!


What is inside?
– 30 pcs Small slices Hock Wong Minced Pork Bakkwa.

-Weight: +/- 500g


Product Highlights
– No preservatives, meat tenderizer and artificial colouring added
– Vacuum sealed for maximum freshness and convenience
– Best consumed within 3 months (Individually vacuum sealed)


Cooking and Preparation 
– Ready-to-eat


💥限量发售 Limited Edition💥

订单一律1月1日开始寄出. All the package will start to delivery on 1st January.


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