MD_Disney Year of Dragon Luggage

Hock Wong x Disney Year of Dragon Luggage Bag
– Hock Wong and Disney jointly launched Year of Dragon Luggage Bag, which means that everything will go well in the Year of the Dragon.


Product Description
– 1kg Classic Pork Minced Meat


Packaging Size
-36.5 x 22 x 57


Product Highlights
– Auspicious meaning, exquisite packaging, the perfect choice for gift giving
– Hock Wong x Disney unique and limited packaging of the year
– Handmade and ingenious products.
– No added preservatives, meat tenderizers, and artificial colors.
– Exquisite vacuum independent packaging
– Individually and vacuum-packed retains its flavor and freshness while making it easy to carry.
– Eat dried meat without getting your hands dirty. Hygiene and convenience



Best to consume within 3 months of purchase
LIMITED EDITION. While stocks last!