SD_Cai Shen Tea Bag Gift Box
限量茶包小财神礼盒 (茶包5个)

Cai Shen Special Tea Bag Gift Box
PWP:$10 to Purchase 300g Classic Minced Bakkwa

– [Hock Wong] New products always make your eyes light up and your heart warm up. The [Hock Wong Cai Shen Special Tea Bag Gift Box] consists [Fu Lu Shou Xi Cai] Cai Shen tea bag, bringing the meaning of you will be full of fortune, get rich, fortune and longevity, and joy. For this year, if you bring back home the Cai Shen Special Tea Bag Gift Box, you can purchase Hock Wong Classic Minced Bakkwa with only $10. Hurry up to back back home both of them now!


Product Description
-5 Packs Cai Shen Tea Bag


-Exquisite gift bag


Packaging Size
-39.40 cm L ×15.90 cm H ×2.30 cm W


Product Highlights
-Handmade and ingenious products.
-No added preservatives, meat tenderizers, and artificial colors.
-Exquisite vacuum independent packaging
-Individually and vacuum-packed retains its flavor and freshness while making it easy to carry.
-Eat dried meat without getting your hands dirty. Hygiene and convenience

Best to consume within 3 months of purchase
LIMITED EDITION. While Stocks Last!


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