【Preorder】CTGB-1 Blissful Season cny Hamper
福狮呈祥新春礼篮 (买1送1)

⚠️Fragile by post, at your own risk⚠️

Hock Wong and Guan Hong have teamed up to offer a great value Chinese New Year hamper that will keep you 【Smooth Journey】 all year long!


Product Description

  1. Premier Salute Sparkling Drinks (750ml)
  2. New Moon Chicken Broth (400ml)
  3. Berry Essence (3btl x 70gm)
  4. Ros Tea (50gm)
  5. Shanghai Noodles (80gm)
  6. Mushroom Fungus Flower (40gm)
  7. White Fungus (40gm)
  8. Ginseng Candy (150gm)
  9. Spicy Rice Cracker (100gm)
  10. Fortune God
  11. Fortune Bag
  12. Fortune Ingot





Weight & Size

  6.5 cm± L × 79.5 cm± H × 11.5 cm± W