[Pre-Order] Disney Classic 20′ Luggage Bag 迪士尼经典20″行李箱

Disney Classic 20′ Luggage Bag

The highlights of Disney Classic 20′ Luggage Bag
• Hock Wong has been officially authorized to launch the Disney Mickey Mid-Autumn Mooncake Gift Box.
• Disney’s 20’ luggage bag has spacious storage space and is equipped with a combination lock and 360-degree rotating wheels, allowing you to have an easy heart when you bring it to travel with you.  Each mooncake is printed with Mickey Mouse’s pattern. Whoever buys it really deserves it
• 6pcs Mooncake Included

Mooncake Flavour:
• Less Sugar White Lotus Mooncakes 低糖白莲蓉月饼
• Pandan Lotus Mooncakes 翡翠莲蓉月饼
• Chocolate Mooncakes 巧克力月饼
• White Lotus 1 Yolk Mooncakes 白莲单黄月饼
• Pandan Lotus 1 Yolk Mooncakes 翡翠单黄月饼
• Pandan Custard Mooncakes 翡翠奶黄月饼

Product information:
• Packaging Size:36.5*22*57 (cm)
• Weight:3.95kg

Information about mooncake:
• Less sweet and non-sticky to the teeth
• No preservatives are added
• Store at room temperature, do not expose to the sun
• Allergen information: Product may contain wheat, peanut, milk, egg yolks and milk powder. Vegetarians or people with food allergies please be alert before consume.

Best to consume within 3 months of purchase
LIMITED EDITION. While stocks last!

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