Signature Bacon Bakkwa 福王密制炭烤五花肉干

Bacon Bakkwa

– Made from the finest pork belly, marinated with the secret recipe.
– It’s signature charred fragrance, delicious flavour oozing from every bite and the crispy texture is unforgettable!
– Available in individual vacuum seal to keep its freshness, the handy individual packaging minimizes oily fuss and muss!


Product Highlight
– Juicy honey-roasted Hock Wong Bacon Bakkwa is made from finest pork belly
– No preservatives added in the manufacturing process.
– Long strips (estimated length of up to 20 cm)
– Vacuum sealed for maximum freshness and convenience


Cooking and Preparation
– It is ready-to-eat.

– Best consumed within 3 months (Individually vacuum sealed)

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1 review for Signature Bacon Bakkwa 福王密制炭烤五花肉干

  1. [email protected]

    Very Tasty and Delicious.

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